About Us

Glitter+Wit is a children's clothing and accessory brand focusing on sizes newborn through 4T.  Owner, Tasha Early (that's me!), sews every single piece in her Springfield, MO home studio.


I like to think of Glitter+Wit as a lifestyle brand with a modern take on "heirloom" clothing. My pieces are designed to:

  1. Celebrate and embrace childhood, and encourage imaginative play.
  2. Last. Yes, even through the rough and tumble territories of said childhood. Glitter+Wit is slow children's fashion. I take my time making it so that your kiddo will have a helluva time breaking it.
  3. Be passed on. Because G+W pieces are made to last, your child will likely outgrow it well before the garment has lived a full life. Please reuse this clothing. Save it for your next child, donate it to a child in need, resell it, hell--even send it back to me. Don't let it die in a landfill.

I take great pride in the quality of my products and hope you'll be able to see the difference for yourself. All G+W seams are professionally finished, but I often take my technique a step or two further--using french seams or other techniques to avoid serging in areas where it might be uncomfortable for little ones (around the waist, at the neckline and hemlines). 

I, Tasha, am the owner+designer+seamstress and everything else at Glitter+Wit. I have been sewing for eight years; self-taught at first, and then taught in a university setting. I worked as an alterations seamstress for two years, during which I studied and inspected the construction of thousands of garments and worked on everything from formal gowns to suit jackets to dancewear to military uniforms. Sewing is truly my passion and I am thrilled to have turned my passion into a business to help support my family.

Our fabrics are sourced from various places both locally and online. All fabrics are new unless otherwise noted. Many G+W garments are made from fabrics that are not available for reorder, and are therefore made in very limited quantities.

-Tasha, G+W